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St Etheldreda's Church Hall
Cloncurry Street
Fulham Palace Road
London SW6
Mondays 6:30 - 9:30
email us here or call Patrick on 07939 537 404


...take our inclusivity very seriously at CdA. We believe that anyone is welcome here and that also means visiting members of other clubs.

If you want to fence with us then come on in and get on the piste, we won't charge you a "visitors' fee" or "floor fee" or whatever, your presence and enthusiasm are worth more to us than the few quid you might put into the club coffers.

That said, we would ask that you do not take the mickey or abuse our hospitality. If you have enjoyed your fencing and our company then we would be grateful for your support. If you've enjoyed yourself A LOT, then when not think of joining?