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Our "Young Zorros"

...are our younger fencers (7-10). Using a series of familar games ("Stuck-in-the-mud", "Grandma's Footsteps", etc) and specific fencing exercises, the children learn the basics of attack/defence and movement

The kit is a specially designed foil and fencing mask in brightly coloured plastic. This means that while the fencers experience the "reality" of fencing and safety is not compromised, the children do not need the bulky protective equipment that standard fencing requires. Not only does this hasten the kitting up process (resulting in more time fencing!) but also avoids the potential over-heating problem that youngsters (with their smaller heat-dissipating surface area) often experience in sport.

This programme operates termly and costs £130. Please contact us for availability of places or pop in to see what we are about! family group

St Etheldreda's Church Hall
Cloncurry Street
Fulham Palace Road
London SW6
Mondays 6:30 - 9:30
Contact us here or call Patrick on
07939 537 404