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CdA is a "not for profit" club run by a committe of its members who give their time freely for the betterment of fencing and their love of the sport. There are competitive fencers at the club (including some Internationals) but the general atmosphere on club nights is one of encouragement and respect. Any rivalries that might surface are usually resolved over a post-piste beer!

As a club Registered with British Fencing, we subscribe to the Policies and Guidelines (particularly in respect of Safeguarding, Safety and Diversity) published on the British Fencing website.



Fencing is an excellent sport for both boys and girls. It develops poise and flexibility, agility and tactical thinking. It is particularly attractive to the less traditionally sporty child and success in competition against their peers can do a great deal to boost a child's independence and self confidence

For the youngsters, (9-11) we have the CdA "Young Zorros", a specially tailored programme introducing the skills of fencing in managable and fun pieces. Click the link for more details .

Our Junior fencers (aged between 11 and 13) are taught using a more "grown up" programme, with fewer games and using the full protective equipment. Competitive fencing is available for this age-group and we will provide whatever help and support we can to children that wish to compete.

We would suggest that children 14+ join our general Beginners course, which is open to all ages. Please contact us if you have any questions.