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CdA is a "not for profit" club run by a committe of its members who give their time freely for the betterment of fencing and their love of the sport. There are competitive fencers at the club (including some Internationals) but the general atmosphere on club nights is one of encouragement and respect. Any rivalries that might surface are usually resolved over a post-piste beer!

As a club Registered with British Fencing, we subscribe to the Policies and Guidelines (particularly in respect of Safeguarding, Safety and Diversity) published on the British Fencing website.


...should be able to find the answers to most of your questions scattered around the website, however here are a few of the more common things people ask.
[Q] So you're a fencer?  Can you come and do my garden (Heh! Heh! Heh!)
[A] Yep, we hear this all the time.
[Q] Do you do beginners' courses?
[A] Indeed we do.  Check out our Introduction to Fencing course for more details.
[Q] What does it cost?
[A] Our current membership fees are £90 per Quarter (12 weeks) .  The 10-week Introductory course costs £150 .
[Q] I fenced before N years ago, do I need to do a course?
[A] Possibly not.  Come along and we will run you through an assessment lesson, free of charge, to see how things stand.  Bring any kit you might have but be aware that standards change and we reserve the right not to allow you to use any equipment that is unsafe or not up to current standards.
[Q] What do I wear/bring?
[A] If you are enrolled on the Novice course, wear flat court shoes (squash shoes e.g. Hi-Tec are excellent) sweat pants/jogging bottoms and a t-shirt. Shorts/jeans and high-soled running shoes are not appropriate.  In the hot weather you might want to bring a water bottle.
[Q] Is it safe?
[A] Yes.
[Q] How old do you have to be/How old can you be?
[A] We enroll children as young as 7 on our Young Zorros programme.  Those graduating from the Zorros and youngsters between 11 & 14 join us as juniors.  How old can you be?  Fencing is a sport for life; I've been beaten by a fencer in his 80's.  Come and talk to us.