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CdA is a "not for profit" club run by a committee of its members who give their time freely for the betterment of fencing and their love of the sport. There are competitive fencers at the club (including some Internationals) but the general atmosphere on club nights is one of encouragement and respect. Any rivalries that might surface are usually resolved over a post-piste beer!

As a club Registered with British Fencing, we subscribe to the Policies and Guidelines (particularly in respect of Safeguarding, Safety and Diversity) published on the British Fencing website.


...the name, venue, coach and membership of the club has changed over the years, one basic principle has always remained the same; to provide a safe and supportive environment for anyone, regardless of their background, to learn and to enjoy fencing.

No-one is pushed into competition, but those that wish to compete are given all the support we, as a club, can muster.

For those who want a challenge between competitions, we occasionally run a ladder and our annual three-weapon comp-cum-barbeque the PISCHT (Pretty Inebriated Sword and Champagne Tournament) is a popular Summer event.